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With the Document Centre 440ST's powerful printing, copying, scanning and fax facilities, you can move documents across the hallway or the world - with just a single click. If your future is with online workgroups and you demand increased functionability, reliability and image quality, then the DC440ST should be your one and only stop. Not only does it improve access to documents, but also it accelerates the movement of documents so that decisions can be made today - not tomorrow.


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Quick Features
  • 40 images per minute
  • 600x600 dpi resolution
  • A5 to A3 paper handling
  • Super G3 33.6 Kbps Fax
  • Secure Print and Fax

Full Specifications
General Specs
  • 40 images per minute print and copy
  • Booklet creation
  • Concurrent copy/print/scan
  • Job memory function for up to 100 jobs
  • Scan once/print many technology
  • CentreWare document user interface to work with documents at any time from the desktop or over the Internet.
  • Auto IQ digitally enhanced text, graphics and photo mode
  • Optional finisher provides an additional 1,000 sheet output capacity with stapling of up to 50 sheets at a time
  • High capacity feeder expands paper capacity to 4,050 sheets
  • Auto sense/switch between Adobe PostScipt 3, TIFF and PDF
  • Connects to virtually any network environment
  • 4 network protocols simultaneously
  • 4.5 GB hard disk drive
  • Energy Star rating minimising energy consumption, ozone and heat emissions
Copying Services
  • 600x600 dpi resolution
  • Scan once, print many with 1-N processing
  • 90 and 180 degree Image Rotation
  • 2-up and 4-up output
Printing Services via CentreWare
  • 600x600 dpi, 400x400 dpi
  • 40 images per minute
  • Transmit and process once, print many
  • Secure Print - password protected
  • Postscript and PCL
Printing Protocols and Networks
  • Print drivers include Microsoft Windows 2000/NT4.0/98/95/ PostScript Custom; Microsoft Windows NT 4.0/98/95/ PCL Custom; Document Centre PPD for Macintosh, Windows; Macintosh OS 7.x., 8.x, 9.x Postscript Custom; OS/2 Warp Postscript Custom; Windows NT 4.0 DEC Alpha Postscript Custom
  • Protocols include Novell Netware 3.x, 4.x, 5.x with NDS, Microsoft Networking ? server ? Windows NT Advanced Server 2000/4.0/3.51 via SMB (NetBEUI or NetBIOS IP), Microsoft Networking ? peer to peer ? Workgroups for Windows, Windows 98/95 or Windows NT 2000/4.0/3.51 via SMB (NetBEUI or NetBIOS IP), AppleTalk ? EtherTalk, Banyan VINESIP Ethernet 6.x, 7x, 8.x ; TCP/IP: Internet Printing Protocol, LPR, Port 9100; TCP/IP addressing modes DHCP, BOOTP, RARP, and static; WINS; OS/2 Warp Server 4.x
  • Walkup print (diskette access) - Accept print jobs from DOS formatted diskette in PostScript, PCL, TIFF, PDF or ASCII formats
Scanning Services
  • Batch scanning at up to 40 pages at one time
  • Maximum 600x600 dpi resolution
  • Walkup scan to Email address
  • Scan to PC
Faxing Services
  • Input speed of 40 ppm
  • Super G3 33.6Kbps transmission speed
  • 200 speed-dial stations in memory
  • Secure fax receive
  • PC faxing
Contact Us
  • Call +670-390.324.067 or use our Contact Us form for more information